Thanks for Popping By Party Favors

ali in the vali’s Do it Yourself Party Favors: “THANKS FOR POPPING BY”

Everyone likes to have a party favor; they add flare, excite your guests, and let’s be honest…who doesn’t like presents? But the truth behind these, is if you’re on a limited budget, these little gifts can get pricey. The worst part with party favors is that when your guests come home, they simply get placed in the drawer and forgotten about…and just like that, money wasted.

This is why my rule is to always have a party favor that is a consumable beverage or edible snack; and for my most recent party that needed planning, I opted for the Champagne spilt. (which is the mini bottle)

Tutorial: ali_in_the_vali’s “THANKS FOR POPPING BY” party favor


1. Small cellophane bags here

2. Any type of confetti (you can see what I chose on the ali_in_the_vali Instagram account). here

3. Mini bottles of Champagne (or wine) or juice! here

4. Ribbon (I used ribbon that can be curled, see below)


5. Craft pearls with sticky backing like these

MAKE THIS: the tag

1. You can go online to any stationary site and search “labels”. Find one you like and opt to personalize/customize it. Enter your preferred messaging and take a screen shot (mac – command,shift,4) Copy and paste your screenshot onto a Word doc. see example

BOOM, there you go! Print (on nice card stock if you like) and cut.

2. Once you have all your labels printed, hand stick your pearls onto them for extra detail.

3. Finally, take a hole punch and punch (1) hole in the top left corner.

see example

MAKE THIS: the bag

1. Stuff each cellophane bag with (1) bottle of Champagne.

2. Fill each cellophane bag with a small handful of confetti (do not over fill as you still want to see the bottle of Champagne.

3. Take your ribbon and tie a knot at the top of the bag around the Champagne bottle’s neck.

4. If you’re using curl-able ribbon, curl this ribbon now with your scissors.

5. Take another ribbon and tie the label to it. Then tie the ribbon with label over the first ribbon. Curl string if necessary.

6. Repeat as needed.


That’s a wrap! Email me if you need more help at


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