Hi! However you made it here, thanks for stopping by. This is where you will find full details surrounding my posts on the ALI_IN_THE_VALI instagram account!

I’m Ali (short for Alexandra)

I am a twenty something working professional in the media entertainment industry with an obbsesive hobby for crafting and cooking. I live in the valley where it is super hot and you don’t have to pay to park or pull a ticket everywhere you go. I’m a simple person who enjoys re-watching the same movie over and over with a glass of wine (or 3) in hand. I love any excuse to throw a party, host people for drinks or laugh over dinner with friends. I love dining out as much as dining in, and spend way too much money on groceries. I like to re-create fancy things and I think the most important element to any good party is in the details.

I love conversation and community; to encourage this, here is a little more about me:

Likes: wine, triscuits with melted american cheese, kiwis, tacos, yellowtail with jalapeño sashimi and green tea ice cream. Friendly neighbors, girls nights, date nights and brunch. Yogaworks, late night walks, adventure hikes and traveling.

Dislikes: peas, sweet pickles and artificial sweetener. Gossip, cliques and hangovers.

Follow me, my crafty obsessions and creative cooking through this blog and my Instagram account /  IG: ali_in_the_vali

For Inquiries: aliinthevali@gmail.com